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It is a common misconception that the dangers of the sun are nonexistent during the colder months of winter. I understand. We often associate burning form the sun when it's hot out. It certainly makes sense, but let's set the record straight.

Just because you're fully clothed and your body isn't fully exposed to harmful UV rays, doesn't mean those UV rays aren't getting at you. Although UVB radiation decreases in the winter, UVA radiation does not. UVA radiation is responsible for premature aging, so even a few minutes exposed can do marginal damage over time.

These rays are highly reflective, making them extremely dangerous when surrounded by snow, as well as more potent at higher altitudes. This is why skiers can get such nasty sunburns while on the slopes. Think of the snow and ice as a mirror of sorts. When it's on the ground, it's actually easier for UV rays to reflect back up at you when you're outside. Though cold, burns can still happen, very easily in fact.

So, the precautions are very similar to the proactive means you take to care for your skin during the summer.

USE THE APPROPRIATE SPF: You should still apply SPF to any exposed areas like the face, hands, neck and lips. The important part of this is that you should be using an SPF of 30 or higher if you want to be protected.

DRESS PROPERLY: Not only is this imperative for your general health, but the clothes you wear are your skin's first line of defense against damaging rays from the sun. Wear a hat, scarf and warm clothing not only to protect you from the cold, but also to protect your skin from the sun.

BOOST INTERNAL PROTECTION: Eating healthy foods should be a daily practice and lifestyle, for your general health as well as the overall health and well being of your skin.

Foods which have the ability to further aide and prevent against wintertime skin damage caused by UV radiation include:

  • Citrus Fruits
  • Green Tea
  • Carrots
  • Red Peppers
  • Spinach
  • Walnuts
  • Salmon

AVOID TANNING BEDS: Tanning beds are just BAD! They kill. Seriously, the UV that tanning beds radiate are just as damaging as the real sun, and studies show that people who use tanning beds before the age of 35 increase their chances of skin cancer by 75%

Remember: There is always the option of spray tanning. Spray tanning is a healthier option for gaining a golden glow.

WEAR EYE PROTECTION: Sunglasses are relevant year-round. Not only are they necessary to have to prevent a glare from the sun, but they also block 99% to 100% of the sun's UV rays. There's a lot more glare in the winter months bouncing around off snow and ice, so keep those specs handy!!

PROTECT YOUR LIPS: Use lip balm with adequate SPF to protect your lips UV rays. Not only are chapped lips uncomfortable, but they're also prone to damage from the sun when cracked or chapped. Keep your lips hydrated and healthy.


Lip Care

*Rosehip and Lemongrass Lip Balm SPF 15 – Kiss dry lips goodbye with the hydrating goodness of rosehip oil. This organic treatment soothes and smooths your weather-ravaged lips with lavender and herb infused olive oil. Apply at home or on-the-go for a boost of moisture and anytime protection from UV rays - courtesy of natural zinc oxide.

*Lip Trio Kit – An effective three step treatment to exfoliate, plump and moisturize using the Citrus Enzyme Lip Exfoliator, Lip Comfort Plumping Masque and the Citrus Lip Balm.

Tinted Moisturizers with SPF

*Vanilla or Caramel Latte Tinted Moisturizer – An antioxidant rich, non-clogging daily tinted moisturizer for all skin types that delivers lightweight sheer coverage and a natural light or light to medium finish with SPF 25 protection.

*Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 – this product provides a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection with all physical filters, mineral zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide. Providing substantial power in an ultra-sheer, mattifying fluid, this sunscreen is also infused with translucent color spheres to enhance natural skin tone. Paraben free and safe for even very sensitive skin.

Pepti-hyaluronic serum

Aging and dehydrated skins lose their ability to maintain moisture in the deeper layers of the skin, resulting in lines, wrinkles and lack of plumpness. This product has been formulated to have a unique sequencing of peptides and nutrients to assist in re-establishing hyaluronic acid to restore hydration and suppleness to the skin's appearance.

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